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113 Moulder St, Orange 2800, NSW
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KIDS HQ is an independent counselling and consultancy service based in Australia, specializing in child and adolescent mental health, complex trauma, corporate and community change. With a focus on evidence-based practices, the organization offers a range of services and programs informed by international knowledge in areas such as traumatology, neurobiology, attachment, and resilience. KIDS HQ is dedicated to providing integrated, culturally sensitive, and comprehensive interventions to support clients in understanding the importance of mental well-being.

At KIDS HQ, the philosophy revolves around promoting positive change and well-being by helping clients recognize the adaptive nature of their brains in response to challenges. The organization creates a safe environment for individuals to heal from mental illness, trauma, and abuse, always prioritizing safety. Through playful approaches to serious issues, KIDS HQ achieves impactful results and extends interventions to include support systems of children and young persons for enhanced treatment outcomes.

With a commitment to holistic care, KIDS HQ offers a variety of services including individual, family, and group therapy, school interventions, community education, and organizational consultancy. By focusing on building resilience, fostering recovery, and promoting adaptive responses to adversity, KIDS HQ aims to empower clients to thrive and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.