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2A Mimosa Street, Bexley, New South Wales 2207, Australia
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Joshy’s is a vibrant and engaging play center and café located in Bexley, NSW. Specializing in providing a fun and safe environment for childcare and school excursion groups, Joshy’s aims to create memorable experiences for children to explore, laugh, and learn. With a focus on fostering creativity and curiosity, Joshy’s offers a range of activities and facilities designed to cater to the needs and interests of young visitors.

At Joshy’s, the philosophy revolves around creating a welcoming space where children can engage in interactive play and educational experiences. The dedicated team at Joshy’s is committed to ensuring that every child feels valued and supported during their time at the center. With a strong emphasis on safety and supervision, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are in good hands while they enjoy the various offerings at Joshy’s.

In addition to providing a stimulating environment for childcare and school groups, Joshy’s also offers special booking prices for school excursions, making it an ideal destination for educational outings. With the option to include lunch packages, Joshy’s aims to provide a convenient and enjoyable experience for both children and educators alike. By combining fun activities with learning opportunities, Joshy’s Play Centre & Café stands out as a premier destination for interactive play and exploration.