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10 West Fyans Street, Newtown, Victoria 3220, Australia
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10 South is a unique fitness destination located in Geelong, Victoria, offering more than just a traditional gym experience. With a focus on individual and collective excellence, the facility caters to people of all ages and fitness levels. Through expert trainers and sports medicine clinicians, 10 South provides high performance training and support to the entire community, ensuring that each individual can achieve their fitness goals.

At 10 South, accessibility is key, with a range of services available to help clients reach their peak performance levels. From elite level training to personal training, small group sessions, and group fitness classes, the gym offers a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. Specializing in fitness, sports medicine, and physiotherapy, 10 South is equipped with world-class facilities and equipment to support clients in their recovery and training programs.

With a philosophy centered around unlocking excellence, 10 South is more than just a gym – it is a destination for those seeking to live life well and embrace new challenges. The dedicated team at 10 South, including receptionist Rebecca, is committed to providing exceptional service, booking appointments, and answering any questions clients may have. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone looking to improve their fitness, 10 South offers a supportive and inclusive environment for all individuals to thrive.