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Australian Doula College has been educating doulas and supporting women and families since 2007. With a focus on providing doula training and support services, the college has graduated thousands of doulas who now serve individuals and families across Australia and globally. The college continuously reviews and improves its course content, assessments, and delivery methods to stay aligned with industry standards and evolving practices.

In 2021, the college expanded its offerings to include end-of-life doula services, showcasing a commitment to understanding and supporting individuals through major life transitions. By offering accredited doula training programs in partnership with the Professional Development Centre, the college ensures accessibility to quality education for aspiring doulas nationwide. The team at Australian Doula College, led by founder Renee Adair, comprises experienced doulas and educators with over 100 years of collective experience, providing comprehensive support to students throughout their training.

Committed to making a positive impact beyond training programs, Australian Doula College engages in various community initiatives such as offering free doula services through the Doula Heart Network, providing scholarships, fundraising for charitable projects, and supporting vulnerable families through the Groundwork Program. The college’s holistic approach to doula training and support extends to empowering individuals to navigate life’s transitions with compassion, knowledge, and a deep understanding of the human experience.