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54 Goodwood Pde., Burswood 6100, WA
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Youth Focus WA is dedicated to championing the mental health needs of young people in Western Australia, with a vision of a world where mental health does not hinder individuals from achieving their aspirations. Through innovative and accessible mental health services and programs, Youth Focus aims to support young people in thriving within their communities. The organization’s commitment to inclusivity, respect, and partnership is evident in its acknowledgment of the Traditional Custodians of Country and its emphasis on creating a safe and welcoming environment for all.

One of the notable initiatives by Youth Focus is the annual Hawaiian Ride for Youth, a 700km journey from Albany to Perth aimed at raising funds and awareness for the organization’s cause. By participating in or supporting events like the Hawaiian Ride for Youth, individuals can contribute to building stronger and more resilient future generations. Youth Focus encourages engagement and subscription to stay updated on news, events, and opportunities to support the mental health of young people in Western Australia.

Despite experiencing high demand for its counseling services, Youth Focus remains committed to providing essential support to those in need. While new referrals are temporarily on hold, the organization encourages individuals requiring immediate assistance to reach out to local emergency services or Lifeline. By prioritizing inclusivity, listening, and reflection, Youth Focus ensures that every interaction is marked by equity, dignity, and respect, fostering a culture of trust, connection, and partnership within the community.