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18 Black Hawk Blvd, Thuringowa Central 3156, QLD
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Wildcatz Indoor Sports Arenas is a premier destination for social sports catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Offering a diverse range of sports including Netball, Soccer, Cricket, and Rebound Beach Volleyball, Wildcatz provides a platform for seniors and juniors to engage in friendly competition and skill development. With a focus on inclusivity and sportsmanship, Wildcatz Indoor Sports ensures that players have the opportunity to participate in various indoor sports activities, from casual games to competitive A grade competitions.

At Wildcatz Indoor Sports, the emphasis is not only on fostering a love for sports but also on providing avenues for players to excel at higher levels. The business offers representative sports opportunities at State and National levels for both junior and senior competitors, allowing individuals to showcase their talents on a broader stage. With a commitment to promoting physical activity and teamwork, Wildcatz Indoor Sports is dedicated to creating a supportive environment where players can grow and thrive in their chosen sports.

With a packed schedule of games throughout the week, Wildcatz Indoor Sports is a hub of sporting activity, attracting players and spectators alike. From junior netball on Saturday mornings to senior competitions on various evenings, the arenas buzz with energy and enthusiasm. Additionally, the business actively encourages the development of new umpires, providing a pathway for individuals to deepen their understanding of the game while earning extra income. As a leading indoor sports facility, Wildcatz Indoor Sports continues to be a driving force in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within the community.