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The Westmead Women’s and Newborn Health team is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of women and newborn infants through specialized services in maternity, gynaecology, women’s cancer, and newborn care. Regardless of age or circumstance, the team upholds consistent principles in delivering care to all patients, from premature babies to mature women. Westmead Hospital stands out as the preferred choice for birthing among families in NSW, reflecting the trust placed in the team by mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and sisters who seek top-notch healthcare services.

As a prominent teaching hospital, Westmead Hospital boasts active research programs in each specialty, ensuring that the care provided remains at the forefront of medical advancements. The commitment to training staff and delivering world-class care is supported by public contributions and generous benefactors, highlighting the community’s appreciation for the hospital’s ongoing efforts. The organization’s dynamic nature and emphasis on continuous improvement invite feedback from patients and their families, with every comment reviewed by senior staff to drive meaningful enhancements in service delivery.

The Westmead Women’s & Newborn Health service is a beacon of excellence in healthcare, extending best wishes to all individuals embarking on their health journey. With a rich history of serving diverse patient needs and a steadfast commitment to innovation and quality care, the team at Westmead Hospital remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards in maternity, gynaecology, women’s cancer, and newborn care. Patients can trust in the expertise and compassion of the staff, knowing that their well-being is paramount in every aspect of the hospital’s operations.