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45 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley 3149, VIC
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Waverley Judo is a family-oriented club that offers a welcoming environment for individuals looking to enhance their confidence, fitness, and personal skills. With a focus on mobility, flexibility, fitness, and fun, Waverley Judo caters to beginners of all ages, providing a platform for individuals to develop self-discipline, respect, and higher levels of fitness. Through the practice of Judo, participants learn the importance of balance, leverage, and movement to execute throws and control techniques, emphasizing technique and timing over brute strength.

Judo, known as the “gentle way,” is more than just a sport; it is a holistic approach to physical and mental development. With a history dating back to its introduction in the Olympic Games in 1964, Judo has become a popular activity worldwide, attracting individuals for various reasons such as competition, self-confidence, and physical fitness. Waverley Judo’s coaching team, led by experienced instructors, focuses on instilling self-discipline, respect, concentration, and leadership skills in participants, fostering a well-rounded approach to personal growth and development.

As an official member of the Judo Federation of Australia Inc (SA) in Victoria, Waverley Judo is deeply rooted in the Judo community, offering a range of services including coaching clinics, tournaments, and elite athlete training squads. With a strong emphasis on technique, flexibility, and self-defence, Waverley Judo provides individuals with a comprehensive Judo experience that not only enhances physical abilities but also promotes mental agility, coordination, and effective self-defence strategies.