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22-70 Del Rosso Rd, Caboolture 4510, QLD
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Tullawong State High School is dedicated to providing year-round sun protection for all children and young people. With a focus on safety and well-being, parents are reminded of the importance of sending their children to school every day. The school encourages community engagement through the QParents app, offering easy access to the latest newsletter and current annual report.

Committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment, Tullawong State High School prioritizes the health and welfare of its students. By promoting the use of sun protection and emphasizing regular attendance, the school instills a sense of responsibility and care among its community members. Through the QParents app, families can stay informed and connected with the school’s activities and updates.

With a strong emphasis on collaboration and communication, Tullawong State High School values the partnership between parents, students, and staff. By leveraging technology and providing essential information through the QParents app, the school ensures transparency and accessibility for all stakeholders. Upholding a culture of safety and support, Tullawong State High School remains dedicated to the holistic development of its students.