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28 The Avenue, Hurstville, New South Wales 2220, Australia
Detailed Information

The Mindful Spot is a psychology practice in Hurstville, Sydney, dedicated to providing affordable and accessible mental health care services. They offer a range of services aimed at reducing worrying, managing panic, addressing fears and phobias, and improving confidence in social situations. Additionally, they focus on enhancing self-esteem, improving relationships with food and exercise, managing emotions, and providing support through life transitions.

Founded by registered psychologist Sarah Reynolds, The Mindful Spot emphasizes inclusivity, safety, and support for individuals from diverse backgrounds. Sarah’s therapeutic approach is calming, gentle, and empowering, tailored to each client’s strengths and values. Drawing on evidence-based treatments like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness-based approaches, the practice aims to help clients overcome life challenges and move towards a valued and meaningful life.

The practice’s philosophy revolves around the belief in the power of the mind to heal and overcome circumstances. By offering a non-judgemental space for clients to explore their motivations for recovery, The Mindful Spot strives to make individuals feel heard, validated, and hopeful during their therapeutic journey. With a focus on self-compassion, fulfillment, and collaboration, the practice aims to support clients in achieving real and enduring change one step at a time.