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Wholesale Warehouse Only, Mitcham 3167, VIC
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The Little Linen Company is a well-established business with a rich history dating back to 1971 when it was known as ‘Glenisa Layettes’. Originally focused on manufacturing linen and layettes, the company has since evolved into a leading provider of baby nursery textiles in Australia and beyond. With a diverse range of products under four trusted brand names – Airwrap, Little Bamboo, Weegoamigo, and The Little Linen Company – the business prides itself on designing and supplying high-quality baby essentials.

Despite its growth and success over the years, The Little Linen Company maintains a simple philosophy: to create and offer exceptional baby products to its customers. The team behind the brand is described as a mix of loud yet meek individuals who share a love for tea and laughter. This unique blend of personalities contributes to the company’s vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, reflecting its commitment to providing top-notch nursery textiles for families across Australia and worldwide.

Located at 2/3 Manton Road in Oakleigh South, VIC, The Little Linen Company continues to uphold its legacy of excellence in the baby industry. From its humble beginnings in Hawthorn to its current status as a go-to destination for premium baby linens, blankets, and muslin, the business remains dedicated to delivering innovative and stylish solutions for modern nurseries. Customers can expect a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of both parents and their little ones, making The Little Linen Company a trusted name in the world of baby textiles.