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275 High St, Northcote 3070, VIC
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Welcome to The HypnoBirthing Collective, a childbirth education center based in Northcote, Melbourne. Our mission is to support a positive birth experience through education and relaxation techniques. We focus on helping birthers be relaxed, calm, and confident during labor, while equipping birther partners with the tools to be active support people. Our evidence-based techniques empower clients to make informed decisions and feel confident throughout their childbirth journey.

At The HypnoBirthing Collective, we offer the official Mongan Method program, teaching everything needed for a safe, easier, and more comfortable birth experience. Our courses emphasize special breathing techniques for shorter and more comfortable labor. Whether birthing at a hospital, home, or elsewhere, our interactive classes provide excellent support for both birther and partner. We also offer private sessions for personalized education at your own pace.

Founded in 2007, The HypnoBirthing Collective operates on the lands of the Woiworung people in Melbourne. Our dedicated team of practitioners, including experienced educators, doulas, and naturopaths, is committed to empowering birthers and their partners through evidence-based education and support. We strive to inspire confidence, advocate for informed choices, and provide tools for a positive birthing experience, regardless of the birthing journey’s twists and turns.