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13 Darcy Avenue, Sandringham, Victoria 3191, Australia
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The Birth Hub Sandringham is a beacon of empowerment, education, and support for women in Australia seeking a holistic approach to motherhood. Founded by Fiona Marlow, a dedicated midwife and occupational therapist, this business is committed to transforming the narrative around birth and motherhood. Their mission is to inform and empower women at every stage of their maternal journey, from pre-pregnancy planning to newborn care.

At The Birth Hub, a range of services is offered to support women through each phase of motherhood. These include educational videos featuring expert insights and real mother experiences, insightful articles shedding light on prenatal care and newborn wellness, interactive workshops led by experts, and comprehensive directories linking to supportive resources. The business’s philosophy centers on empowering women with information to make informed choices that align with their values and instincts, moving away from the medicalisation of natural processes.

With a focus on advocacy, education, and community support, The Birth Hub invites women to join their movement towards a more natural, empowered, and informed approach to motherhood. Through their dedication to providing expert knowledge, personal reflections, and comprehensive resources, they aim to guide women in embracing the joy and fulfillment of motherhood on their own terms. Whether embarking on the journey to motherhood, navigating pregnancy, or caring for a newborn, The Birth Hub is a nurturing sanctuary for women seeking empowerment through informed choice.