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403 Dowling St, Wendouree 3350, VIC
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Swim & Survival Academy is dedicated to the crucial task of teaching children to swim and survive in the water. With a strong emphasis on safety and comprehensive programs catering to all age groups, from babies to adults, the academy ensures that every student receives top-quality instruction. Groundbreaking research from Griffith University has shown that children who learn to swim demonstrate advanced cognitive and physical abilities, highlighting the importance of early swimming education.

At Swim & Survival Academy, excellence is a priority. The academy leads the way in the Learn to Swim and Survive sector, with a team of passionate and highly qualified teachers. Through continuous training and attendance at state, national, and international conferences, the academy stays at the forefront of best practices in swimming education. With a focus on individual progress, detailed notes are kept for each child to ensure continuous improvement and achievement of milestones.

The philosophy at Swim & Survival Academy is centered on providing the best quality swimming lessons possible. With a commitment to water safety and a “Make Up Lessons For Life” policy, the academy ensures that every client receives the full value of their investment in swimming education. By maintaining high standards, employing skilled teachers, and offering a range of specialized programs, Swim & Survival Academy remains dedicated to the safety and development of every student in the water.