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Level 2/2 Albert St, Preston 3072, VIC
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Sukhari Muay Thai, located in Melbourne’s north, is one of the only gyms in Melbourne where you can experience Muay Thai training in a boutique and intimate environment, receiving attention tailored to your needs and goals. Bak Sukhari has many years of experience, training and competing in the true form of Muay Thai, starting from the tender age of 7 in his village in Thailand. This ensures that you will be learning authentic Muay Thai techniques under his guidance.

The gym is dedicated to coaching individuals at all levels, showcasing how Muay Thai can positively impact and transform lives. The focus is on sharing passion, knowledge, and skills for Muay Thai to bring out the best in each client, helping them achieve fitness, confidence, weight loss, self-defense, strength, toning, discipline, improved health, and even professional competition goals. Clients are welcomed into a supportive and familial environment where they can learn in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Through thorough instruction and personalized attention, clients at Sukhari Muay Thai not only achieve their fitness goals but also build lasting bonds with Bak and other fighters. The gym’s philosophy revolves around helping individuals realize and unleash their maximum potential, both in terms of fitness and in other aspects of their lives. With a strong emphasis on authenticity, support, and community, Sukhari Muay Thai aims to empower individuals to reach new heights through the practice of Muay Thai.