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10 Atwick Terrace, Baldivis 6171, WA
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SpeedFit is a leading fitness business in Australia that combines Personal Training with the science of EMS, providing a whole body workout in just 20 minutes. Utilizing whole body electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) technology, SpeedFit activates multiple muscle groups simultaneously, leading to efficient and effective workouts. The business prides itself on offering inclusive and accessible fitness for individuals of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels, with locally owned studios and certified trainers dedicated to tailoring sessions to meet clients’ health and fitness goals.

Founded by Matej Varhalik, SpeedFit has grown to become the largest whole-body EMS personal training provider in Australia, with 29 studios across various states and a commitment to expanding further. Matej’s vision for SpeedFit was born out of a desire to offer a time-efficient and impactful fitness solution for busy individuals. The business’s philosophy revolves around making fitness a seamless part of people’s lives, without overwhelming schedules. With a focus on community-driven fitness and inclusivity, SpeedFit empowers individuals to prioritize their health and well-being.

SpeedFit’s innovative approach to fitness, backed by decades of EMS technology used in rehabilitation and sports medicine, has garnered praise from clients like Jill, Neil, Surja, Shelley, Vanessa, and Anne. The technology’s ability to build strength and increase muscle mass efficiently has led to noticeable results for many clients within weeks. As SpeedFit continues to revolutionize the fitness landscape under Matej’s leadership, the business remains dedicated to transforming how individuals approach their fitness journey, emphasizing passion, innovation, and perseverance in creating a lasting impact on the lives of many.