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4 Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria 3121, Australia
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Smart Fit Studio is a cutting-edge fitness establishment that offers EMS Small Group Personal Training, catering to groups of up to 4 individuals. Setting itself apart from competitors, Smart Fit Studio utilizes an advanced last-generation wireless EMS system that can activate over 350 muscles simultaneously in just 20 minutes. This innovative Electrical Muscles Stimulation (EMS) technology revolutionizes muscle activation, allowing clients to achieve desired results with only 20 minutes of training, three times a week. The studio’s approach combines personal fitness training with EMS, resulting in rapid weight loss, muscle toning, rehabilitation, cellulite reduction, and overall rejuvenation.

Specializing in EMS Small Group Training, Personal Training, Corporate Fitness, Weight Loss, Muscle Tone, Core Strength, Posture Correction, and Cardio Fitness, Smart Fit Studio is dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness goals efficiently and effectively. With a focus on utilizing EMS technology to maximize muscle activation and optimize workout results, the studio provides a unique and results-driven fitness experience. The combination of personalized training and EMS muscle stimulation sets Smart Fit Studio apart as a catalyst for permanent weight loss, muscle building, and overall physical transformation.

Established in 2019, Smart Fit Studio has quickly become a leader in the fitness industry, offering a comprehensive approach to health and wellness through its innovative EMS training programs. With a commitment to providing high-quality services and achieving tangible results for its clients, the studio prides itself on its dedication to helping individuals of all fitness levels achieve their desired outcomes. By incorporating the latest EMS technology and a focus on individualized training, Smart Fit Studio continues to redefine the fitness landscape and empower clients to reach their full potential.