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85 Jamieson Way, Point Cook, Victoria 3030, Australia
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Shindo Karate Point Cook, led by Sensei Alan Hill with over 26 years of experience in teaching Karate, offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all ages. With a focus on traditional Shotokan style infused with modern teaching methods, the dojo aims to provide quality martial arts training that is both stimulating and friendly. From Little Ninja Classes to Adult Karate Classes, the programs are age-specific and structured to deliver the right lessons at the right time, ensuring an energetic and exciting training experience for all participants.

Operating since 1978 in Melbourne, Shindo Karate Point Cook has a rich history of producing world-class Black Belts and Champions. Sensei Alan Hill, a 4th Dan in Karate and 1st Dan in Kobudo, emphasizes the importance of friendship within the club, fostering a supportive community among both students and instructors. As a member of the Australian Karate Federation, students have the opportunity to represent their state and country in official karate teams, further enhancing their martial arts journey.

With a philosophy that “a black belt is just a white belt who never quit,” Shindo Karate Point Cook instills values of perseverance, self-defense, and awareness in its students. Sensei Alan Hill’s dedication to continuous learning, including regular visits to Okinawa for training and guidance from karate masters, ensures that the teachings remain authentic and impactful. By offering complimentary first lessons with no commitment, the dojo encourages individuals to start their karate journey and experience the empowering and educational training style firsthand.