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10 Harrogate Place, Gumdale, Queensland 4154, Australia
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Sacred Space Hypnobirthing & Hypnotherapy offers comprehensive birth education programs that focus on the physiological process of birth, empowering expectant parents to prepare their minds to work in harmony with their bodies. Through tools such as self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualization, and breathing techniques, the business aims to make the birthing experience as natural and comfortable as possible, promoting a calm and empowering journey for both mother and baby.

Founded by certified Hypnobirthing practitioner Danielle Rhodes, Sacred Space provides a range of services including private hypnobirthing classes, group courses, and online sessions. With a personal journey that led her to discover the transformative power of hypnosis in managing anxiety and facilitating positive birth experiences, Danielle is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and empowering parents to navigate the birthing process with confidence and understanding.

Endorsed by Hypnobirthing Australia™, Sacred Space’s classes are designed to not only educate mothers but also empower their birth partners to actively support and advocate for them during labor. With a focus on realistic preparation for various birth scenarios, the business aims to equip clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of childbirth while fostering a sense of empowerment and positivity throughout the birthing journey.