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Sports Dr, Runaway Bay 3180, QLD
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Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium, located in Runaway Bay’s Sport Precinct, is a versatile 4-court facility catering to a range of sports activities such as basketball, netball, volleyball, and skating. Home to the North Gold Coast Seahawks team, the stadium also serves as a venue for expos and small events. With a focus on providing a welcoming environment for individuals, clubs, and groups of friends, the stadium offers court hire for various durations, accommodating both casual and regular bookings.

Equipped with friendly staff who assist in setting up courts for different sports and activities, Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium prides itself on being a hub for social gatherings and sporting competitions. The venue’s kiosk offers a selection of hot food, barista coffee, and refreshments, ensuring visitors have access to quality amenities during their time at the stadium. The shared car park with approximately 150 spaces adds to the convenience of accessing the facility for events and activities.

As a multipurpose venue with a strong presence in the sporting community, Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium is a popular choice for hosting events such as martial arts competitions, basketball games, and netball matches. With a commitment to providing top-notch facilities and services, the stadium’s focus on customer satisfaction is evident through its diverse offerings and dedication to creating a vibrant space for sports enthusiasts and event organizers alike.