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31/33 Robinson Rd, Nundah 4012, QLD
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Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health is dedicated to supporting the mental health needs of parents, carers, infants, young children, and families in Queensland. They lead advocacy, promotion, and research efforts in perinatal infant mental health, collaborating with healthcare professionals and developing improved services for families. Their focus is on providing support to children aged 0 to 4, pregnant women, and families through home visits by family support volunteers.

The center’s strategy unit works closely with government departments, private organizations, and families to identify and address perinatal and infant mental health needs in Queensland. They have established five strategic directions to guide their work, including conducting research to identify risk factors, developing new treatments and prevention programs, and sharing their findings at national and international conferences to promote evidence-based practices in the field.

Supported by governance bodies, advisory groups, reference groups, and a consumer and carer network, Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health is committed to providing emotional and mental health support, resources, and practical tools to help individuals achieve optimal mental well-being. Their services aim to connect pregnant women, new parents, and families with the necessary support and information to navigate the challenges of perinatal and infant mental health.