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Project Outback Dental (POD) Pty Ltd, led by Dr. Garret Robles, is dedicated to bringing affordable, timely, and high-quality dentistry to rural and remote communities in Queensland. With a focus on areas like Hughenden, Richmond, Julia Creek, and Outback stations, POD offers a range of preventative and restorative dental services. From addressing dental emergencies to providing specialized care for children, aged individuals, and those with special needs, POD ensures that dental care is accessible to all, including through home visits and teledentistry consultations.

Dr. Robles, with his extensive experience in Paediatric Dentistry and Community Dentistry, recognized the challenges faced by rural communities in accessing dental services. This led him to establish POD, the first private mobile dental practice in Northwest Outback Queensland. Equipped with a mobile dental van and specialized dental chairs, POD is able to deliver premium dental care directly to patients’ homes, schools, Aboriginal communities, cattle stations, and aged care facilities. Dr. Robles’ philosophy revolves around creating a sustainable business model that makes high-quality dental services affordable for those facing physical, geographical, and economic barriers to care.

Furthermore, Dr. Robles’s commitment to indigenous oral health is evident through collaborations with organizations like the Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service (TAIHS) and providing dental services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boarding school residents. Through initiatives like MYTOOTHDOCTOR™ Townsville Paediatric Dentistry, Dr. Robles ensures that Outback clients have a ‘dental home’ in Townsville for continued care. With affiliations with institutions like the Mater Hospital, where dental procedures are performed under general anaesthetic, POD exemplifies a holistic approach to dental care that prioritizes accessibility and quality.