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6 Lawson Street, Southport, Queensland 4215, Australia
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Practical Wing Chun Kungfu Southport Club invites individuals to join their Wing Chun family, fostering positive energy and offering training suitable for all ages and fitness levels. With a modern approach to the traditional art of Wing Chun, the club emphasizes its effectiveness in close quarters combat, designed for street environments where aggression is prevalent. Recognizing the prevalence of harassment and bullying in society, Practical Wing Chun aims to equip individuals with self-defense skills and values such as family, honor, loyalty, and respect.

Founded by Chief Instructor Jack Leung, who has over 17 years of experience and training under Grand Master Wan Kam Leung, Practical Wing Chun Southport Club upholds traditional values while welcoming people of diverse backgrounds and skill levels. The club prides itself on treating members like family, fostering a supportive environment where individuals can grow and learn together. With a focus on inclusivity, Practical Wing Chun believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits that martial arts offer.

Under the leadership of Sifu Jack Leung, Practical Wing Chun Southport Club offers a range of workshops, seminars, and training sessions to promote the art of Wing Chun both locally and internationally. With a deep passion for teaching martial arts and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, Sifu Jack is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with students. Through his journey of exploration and dedication to self-defense, Sifu Jack has developed a unique approach to Practical Wing Chun that emphasizes structure over strength, enabling individuals to defend themselves effectively regardless of size or physical strength.