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62-105 Elizabeth Street, Urangan, Queensland 4655, Australia
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Play and Beyond – Therapy 4 Kids is a specialized therapy center that offers a range of therapeutic services tailored to children facing trauma, social and emotional challenges, or learning difficulties. Their approach includes Play Therapy, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), and the use of LEGO® play to enhance social and communication skills. By integrating creative arts into therapy, they provide a powerful avenue for emotional healing and holistic development, aiming to help children build lifelong skills for a confident and resilient future.

At Play and Beyond, the focus is on prioritizing the autonomy, uniqueness, and trust of each child in the therapeutic process. They create a secure and non-judgmental environment for open communication, nurturing emotional connections and the link between play, thoughts, and feelings. The business believes in empowering children by giving them control and agency within therapy, fostering self-esteem and confidence through collaborative work with parents and caregivers.

Play and Beyond embraces neurodiversity and a neuro-affirming approach in therapy, ensuring that all children, regardless of background or abilities, can thrive and express themselves authentically. With a strong emphasis on building relationships, fostering empathy, and respecting individual differences, Play and Beyond aims to provide effective and accessible therapeutic services that support children in their unique developmental journeys.