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236 Sandy Bay Road, Hobart 7005, TAS
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Nurture, Play and Healing is a children’s counselling and play therapy clinic dedicated to supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of children and their parents. Founded in 2020, the clinic has since helped numerous children and parents through over 600 play therapy sessions. The team at Nurture, Play and Healing is committed to creating a safe and accepting environment where children can be themselves and experience the joys of childhood, fostering connections and emotional growth.

The philosophy at Nurture, Play and Healing is rooted in the belief that every child and parent deserves to feel good about themselves and their relationships. The team is dedicated to breaking cycles of stress and disconnection, offering support and guidance to help families thrive. Through a ‘with curiosity’ approach, the practitioners aim to empower parents to understand their own triggers and behaviors, leading to more peaceful and playful interactions with their children.

At Nurture, Play and Healing, the core values of safety, human connection, attunement, and playfulness underpin all aspects of their work. The team of practitioners, who are also parents, strive to share their knowledge and experiences to support families on their journey towards peaceful and playful parenting. By offering education, guidance, and a supportive space for growth, Nurture, Play and Healing aims to help parents build strong, connected relationships with their children and create a nurturing environment where both parents and children can thrive.