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72 Blamey Place, Mornington, Victoria 3931, Australia
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My Tribe Family Psychology offers individual psychology sessions for adults, adolescents, and children in a safe, supportive, and neuro-affirming space. Led by Dr. Angela Donohue, a seasoned psychologist with a deep understanding of child development, the practice focuses on providing effective interventions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. With a range of evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Play-based therapy, My Tribe aims to create a calm and reassuring environment where clients can address challenges like anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Dr. Angela Donohue’s personal experiences as a mother of four teens and young adults have shaped the practice’s philosophy of fostering connection and support within families. By offering parenting and family support, My Tribe aims to help children and adolescents navigate various challenges, including friendships, anxiety, and emotional regulation. The practice also specializes in assisting parents of autistic and ADHD children, providing guidance on the NDIS process and utilizing animal-assisted therapy with their trained therapy dog, Kobe, to enhance the therapeutic experience.

Committed to providing the highest standard of psychological services, My Tribe Family Psychology acknowledges the importance of family dynamics in individual psychological health. By working collaboratively with clients, the practice seeks to help families build shared dialogues and narratives, fostering a sense of belonging and support. With a focus on early intervention for adolescents and a range of therapeutic approaches, My Tribe aims to help clients overcome challenges, improve relationships, and ultimately, thrive in all aspects of their lives.