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90 Vista Street, Mosman 2088, NSW
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Mosman Swim Centre is a welcoming hub for individuals seeking to incorporate swimming into their fitness routine or enhance their water safety skills. With a focus on inclusivity, the centre offers facilities and programs suitable for sports enthusiasts, swimmers, fitness enthusiasts, and those simply looking to socialize over a cup of coffee. The indoor, heated, 25-metre pool is accessible to all members of the community, with special provisions for individuals with disabilities. Families can enjoy the water feature and leisure area, creating a wholesome experience for all visitors.

Founded on the belief that learning to swim is a crucial life skill, Mosman Swim Centre is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for individuals of all ages and abilities. The centre’s philosophy revolves around promoting water safety, physical activity, and community engagement. By offering a range of programs and services, including swimming lessons, fitness classes, and social gatherings, Mosman Swim Centre caters to diverse interests and preferences, ensuring that everyone can benefit from their offerings.

With the added convenience of the Don Adan Cafe on-site, visitors to Mosman Swim Centre can relax and refuel after their swim sessions or activities. The centre’s commitment to staying connected with its community is evident through its regular updates on offers, news, and stories. Whether you are looking to improve your swimming skills, stay active, or simply unwind with friends and family, Mosman Swim Centre provides a versatile and inclusive space for all to enjoy.