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46 Murrell Road, Para Hills 5096, SA
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Montessori Manor is a learning center dedicated to children from three years of age, focusing on building strong learning foundations through the Montessori method. The philosophy of ‘follow the child’ is at the core of their approach, allowing children to explore their individual interests and learn at their own pace. Tailored learning plans are created for each child, fostering a collaborative, challenging, and joyful learning environment that serves as a crucial foundation for life.

Children at Montessori Manor have the freedom to choose from a wide range of activities, working on tasks based on their attention spans to ensure success. The non-competitive and peaceful setting promotes individual teaching, enhancing concentration and developing a genuine desire to learn. This stimulating environment encourages creativity in the classroom, where children focus on the process of work rather than the end result, nurturing a natural path to creativity.

Montessori Manor aims to inspire both children and parents with the Montessori method of learning. Their dedicated and enthusiastic staff provide a holistic and caring environment where children not only develop social skills but also cover a comprehensive range of academic subjects, including mathematics, reading, writing, history, geography, science, biology, music, art, and physical education. Located at 46 Murrell Road, Para Hills, SA 5096, Montessori Manor is a place where children thrive in a nurturing and individualized learning setting.