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43 Main South Road, O'Halloran Hill, South Australia 5158, Australia
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MisFits Boxing & Pilates is a dynamic studio offering professional and fun boxing and pilates classes for individuals of all abilities. Founded in 2021 by Kelly, the studio prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming to all, regardless of shape, size, age, gender, fitness level, or ability. With a focus on creating a supportive and motivating environment, MisFits encourages its members to push themselves to be better while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

At MisFits, clients can enjoy group classes that cater to a diverse range of individuals, all led by experienced and fierce trainers who are dedicated to helping each participant improve their health and fitness. The studio’s philosophy revolves around the idea of building a family-like atmosphere where members motivate and uplift one another. With no lock-in contracts and affordable pricing options, MisFits offers a range of class packages to suit different preferences and schedules, making it accessible to anyone looking to enhance their well-being through boxing and pilates.

With a team of passionate trainers like Simon and Leanne, MisFits embodies a community-driven approach to fitness, where individuals from various backgrounds come together to sweat, grow, and support each other. The studio’s commitment to creating a space that is both challenging and welcoming has resonated with its members, who appreciate the inclusive nature of the workouts. By blending the intensity of boxing with the core-strengthening benefits of pilates, MisFits provides a unique and empowering fitness experience that leaves participants feeling energized and inspired.