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2 Grosvenor St, Bondi Junction 2022, NSW
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MINERVAMINDS is a leading provider of comprehensive care for children from birth to HSC in Australia. With a team of dedicated professionals specializing in physical, developmental, and psychological assessment and treatment, Minerva Minds is committed to supporting children and their families. Trusted for their expertise in managing developmental delays, learning difficulties, emotional regulation issues, and challenging behaviors in children and adolescents, Minerva Minds prioritizes the holistic well-being of each child under their care.

Founded on the philosophy of providing thorough and personalized care, Minerva Minds focuses on conducting in-depth assessments to tailor treatment plans that address each child’s unique needs. By offering a wide range of services encompassing physical, developmental, and psychological aspects, Minerva Minds ensures that children receive comprehensive support throughout their developmental journey. The team at Minerva Minds is dedicated to establishing innovative approaches to enhance their services and achieve their goal of delivering exceptional care to every child.

While currently unable to accept new referrals, Minerva Minds is recognized for their commitment to excellence in the assessment and management of various challenges faced by children and adolescents. With ongoing efforts to update their website and improve accessibility to their services, Minerva Minds remains a trusted partner for families seeking expert care for their children’s well-being from infancy through the Higher School Certificate (HSC) years.