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8/146 Anderson St, Manoora 4870, QL
Detailed Information

Mind Matters Cairns is a private psychology practice located in Manunda, offering a range of mental health services for men, women, children, and adolescents. As an integrative practice, they emphasize a holistic approach to wellbeing, specializing in various therapies such as Neurofeedback Therapy, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, Light and Sound Therapy, Auditory Training Program, and EEG Assessments. With an in-house Integrative General Practitioner focusing on psycho-nutritional solutions, Mind Matters Cairns aims to provide individually tailored psychological services in a comfortable, professional, and supportive environment.

With a mission to promote good mental health and ease suffering, Mind Matters Cairns values compassion for all living beings. They believe in offering a collaborative approach to optimize holistic wellbeing by working with individuals and their support systems. The practice provides Biofeedback therapies, allowing clients to have a say in their treatment options after an initial consultation. Additionally, they offer services such as Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Educational Therapies for students, and a range of assessment services including cognitive assessments, educational assessments, and autism evaluations.

Established in 2013, Mind Matters Cairns is dedicated to excellence in the practice of psychology and neuropsychophysiology. Their vision is to inspire transformational change in clients that will extend to society, fostering a ripple effect of positive mental health. Operating from two locations, Mind Matters Cairns encourages clients to check appointment details for the correct practice address, emphasizing their commitment to providing quality and confidential psychological services.