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496 Waverley Rd, MALVERN EAST 3145, VIC
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Love Athletica Pilates Malvern is a premier Pilates studio offering a unique blend of Reformer and Heated Mat Pilates classes. Their 45-minute Heated Mat classes feature infrared heating for an extra sizzle, combining Functional Strength and Pilates with a signature yoga flow. The 50-minute Reformer classes incorporate strength training, props, weights, and HIIT bursts to elevate heart rates, followed by a calming yoga-inspired flow to stretch and relax muscles.

With a focus on Athletic Pilates, Love Athletica’s classes integrate elements of cardio, strength training, and yoga to provide a comprehensive workout experience. Clients can expect to push their limits, sweat, and have fun while improving their fitness levels. The studio also offers the convenience of managing bookings through their dedicated app, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for all members.

Founded with a commitment to delivering high-quality Pilates classes, Love Athletica Pilates Malvern is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals in a supportive and engaging environment. As they expand their presence from Adelaide to Victoria in 2024, the studio continues to uphold its philosophy of promoting holistic well-being through a combination of challenging workouts and mindful practices.