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62 Raelene Terrace, Springwood, Queensland 4127, Australia
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Life’s Journey Collective is a leading provider of Calmbirth courses, offering expectant parents a transformative experience in preparing for childbirth. Founded by Jessica, the business focuses on empowering couples with both theoretical knowledge and practical tools to approach birth in a positive and prepared manner. With a track record of success stories like Marie & John, Olivia & Jae, and Rhiannon & Mitch, Life’s Journey Collective is known for its game-changing approach to childbirth education.

Calmbirth, the flagship program of Life’s Journey Collective, is designed to help couples navigate the journey of pregnancy and childbirth with confidence and readiness. By incorporating a diverse and inclusive approach, the organization welcomes all pregnant couples, regardless of gender or sexuality, creating a supportive environment for learning and growth. With a strong emphasis on cultural diversity and respect for Traditional Custodians, Life’s Journey Collective is committed to providing a holistic and respectful experience for all participants.

Through the Calmbirth program, Jessica and her team equip parents-to-be with practical knowledge, tools, and techniques to enhance their birthing experience. From acupressure to building a personalized toolbox for labor, the course sets the stage for a natural, drug-free, and empowering childbirth journey. With a focus on individualized care and support, Life’s Journey Collective stands out as a beacon of hope and preparation for couples embarking on the life-changing adventure of welcoming a new baby into the world.