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Shop 1/95 Hazel Glen Dr, Doreen 3754, VIC
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Laurimar Kids Learn To Swim is a boutique learn to swim facility with a real community feel, offering a personalized and intimate learning experience for children. With a maximum of only two classes at a time, each child receives individual attention and care, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for them to learn and progress in their swimming skills. The family-owned and operated business prides itself on knowing each child by name, discussing their progress after every class, and greeting them with a smile and a high five or stamp, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for both children and parents.

Founded with the goal of providing the perfect environment for children to learn to swim and have fun, Laurimar Kids Learn To Swim emphasizes the importance of a personal and private learning experience. By maintaining small class sizes and a focus on individualized attention, the business aims to facilitate quicker progression and ensure that every child feels secure and supported on their swimming journey. The philosophy of the business centers around creating a special place where children can learn in privacy and comfort, fostering a sense of safety and belonging as they develop their swimming skills.

At Laurimar Kids Learn To Swim, families can enroll their children to learn a skill for life in a setting that prioritizes quality instruction, community engagement, and individualized care. With a commitment to small, intimate, and private classes, the business aims to make every child feel at home and supported as they embark on their swimming journey. By focusing on building strong relationships with each child and family, Laurimar Kids sets itself apart as a unique and welcoming learn to swim facility that values the personal growth and development of every young swimmer.