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Robbos Way, Kwinana Town Centre, Western Australia 6167, Australia
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Established in 1964, the Kwinana Swimming Club is a cornerstone of the West Australian swimming community, celebrating 60 years of excellence in 2024. Committed to fostering a fun and family-oriented aquatic environment, the club welcomes individuals of all ages, from 5-year-olds to Masters swimmers. Embracing the ethos of producing champions of life, Kwinana Swimming Club serves as a ‘lighthouse’ Club, guiding its members towards personal growth and community betterment through aquatic sports.

With a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of swimming, Kwinana Swimming Club champions wellness, inclusiveness, and respect within its programs. The club recognizes the historical significance of aquatic sports in Australian culture and endeavors to instill these values in its members. By offering world-class initiatives and opportunities for all community members to engage in aquatic activities, Kwinana Swimming Club aims to shape the champions of tomorrow and leave a lasting legacy in the realm of swimming and beyond.

At Kwinana Swimming Club, the focus extends beyond mere competition to nurturing life-long swimmers and individuals who embody the club’s core values. Through a dedication to personal development and community enrichment, the club stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of aquatic sports, inviting all to join in the journey of self-improvement and championing a life well-lived. Come, swim with us, and be a part of the legacy of champions at Kwinana Swimming Club.