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21 Meredith Ave, Sydney 2155, NSW
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Kellyville Car Seat Installations is a mobile service dedicated to ensuring the safety of children by providing expert car seat installation at the convenience of the client’s location. Founded by Tamarin, a passionate mother of four with a strong commitment to child restraints, the business stems from a personal journey of discovering the importance of correctly installed car seats. With accreditation through the ACRI, Kellyville Car Seat Installations offers a vital service in addressing the alarming statistic that over 80% of child restraints are improperly installed or misused.

Driven by a mission to educate and empower parents on the proper use of car seats, Kellyville Car Seat Installations goes beyond mere installation services. Tamarin’s dedication to child safety is evident in her advocacy for using only compliant and up-to-date restraints, emphasizing the risks associated with expired or second-hand car seats. By offering additional parts for purchase and expert advice, the business aims to equip families with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their most precious passengers.

With a focus on safety, quality, and convenience, Kellyville Car Seat Installations serves the community of Kellyville, NSW, and surrounding areas. By combining expertise in child restraints with a heartfelt commitment to ensuring every child’s well-being on the road, Tamarin and her team provide a valuable service that resonates with the core values of child safety and parental peace of mind.