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Shop 2/1 Forest Ave, Kirwan 3003, QLD
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Just Move It Health & Fitness is a wellness business dedicated to empowering women over 50 to reclaim their vitality and embark on a new chapter in their wellness journey. Founded by Jude, a woman in her 50s who understands the challenges of balancing life’s obligations while prioritizing health, the business offers health and wellness programs tailored to address the three pillars of movement, nutrition, and restorative practices. By harmonizing these pillars, Just Move It aims to support women in thriving and living a better life.

With a focus on sustainable solutions and safe practices, Just Move It Health & Fitness provides services such as personal training, small group training, and massage and wellness services. The business believes in building a lifestyle centered around health and wellness, rather than short-term weight loss goals. By offering accountability, coaching, and a supportive community, Just Move It helps women achieve their fitness goals and maintain long-term well-being.

Through resources like the Nutrition 101 E-Book, insights on heart rate variability tracking, and a 7-day self-care plan, Just Move It Health & Fitness goes beyond traditional fitness programs to educate and empower women in their health journey. By emphasizing the importance of holistic health practices and providing a supportive network, the business aims to help women move well, feel well, and live life on their own terms.