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3/21 Jacquard Way, Port Kennedy 6172, WA
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JUMP! Swim Schools Port Kennedy is a boutique learn-to-swim facility catering to babies aged from 3 months through to stroke development. With small, intimate classes and expert qualified swimming teachers, JUMP! provides a safe and personalized swimming journey for every child. Located in the industrial warehouse precinct near Harvey Norman and the Rebound Arena Indoor Trampoline Park, JUMP! Port Kennedy offers a community-oriented approach where children’s progress is discussed after every lesson, and each child is greeted by name.

At JUMP! Swim Schools, the focus is on creating the perfect learning environment for children to thrive in the water. With a maximum of only two classes at once, the facility ensures a private and distraction-free setting for children to feel at home as they progress in their swimming skills. The business prides itself on its real community feel, where parents can actively engage in their child’s swimming journey and witness their development firsthand.

JUMP! Swim Schools is part of the 1,000,000 kids’ initiative, aiming to increase participation and skill levels in swimming across the country. By emphasizing fun and excitement in learning to swim, JUMP! encourages families to view swimming not just as a safety measure but as a lifestyle choice. With a commitment to teaching children with love and care, JUMP! Swim Schools Port Kennedy stands out as a swimming school of excellence, dedicated to helping children build confidence and skills in the water.