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20 Pakington Street, Geelong West, Victoria 3218, Australia
Detailed Information

JUMP! Swim Schools Geelong West is a boutique learn-to-swim facility catering to babies aged 3 months and up through stroke development. Located in a purpose-built indoor pool, the school offers small, intimate classes led by expert qualified swimming teachers. With a focus on creating a safe and personalized environment, JUMP! Geelong West ensures that every child feels at home and supported on their swimming journey. The community feel of the school allows for regular progress discussions and individualized attention, away from the distractions of larger facilities.

At JUMP! Geelong West, a range of specialized swimming lessons is offered for babies, beginners, and young children learning strokes. The structured program ensures that each child progresses at an appropriate pace, building confidence and agility in the water. From the Ducklings level for the youngest swimmers to independent swimmers mastering strokes, the school prepares children thoroughly for each stage of their swimming development. The focus on safety, efficiency, and personalized learning makes JUMP! Geelong West a valuable investment for both children and parents.

JUMP! Swim Schools was founded with a vision to provide the perfect environment for children to learn to swim. With a commitment to small class sizes, community engagement, and a culture of fun and excitement around swimming, JUMP! Geelong West embodies this philosophy. As part of the national franchise group, the school aims to increase participation and skill levels across the country while maintaining a high standard of teaching excellence. By prioritizing love, care, cleanliness, and individualized attention, JUMP! Geelong West stands out as a premier swim school dedicated to helping children thrive in the water.