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63 Scott Street, Dandenong, Victoria 3175, Australia
Detailed Information

JUMP! Swim Schools Dandenong is a boutique learn-to-swim facility catering to babies aged 3 months and up, focusing on stroke development in a small, intimate setting. With expert qualified swimming teachers and a heated mineral pool, children experience a safe and personalized swimming journey. The facility prides itself on offering classes free of distractions, where every child is known by name and their progress is closely monitored.

Founded with the goal of creating the perfect environment for children to learn to swim, JUMP! Swim Schools emphasizes a community feel and individualized attention for each child. The business offers group and private swimming lessons, including a Parent and Child program for bonding in the water. With a focus on stroke correction and development, children are guided through a structured program to improve their swimming skills and confidence.

As part of the 1,000,000 kids’ initiative, JUMP! Swim Schools Dandenong is dedicated to promoting a culture of fun and excitement around learning to swim. By maintaining a clean, tidy, and hygienic learning environment, the business ensures that children receive the care and attention they deserve. With a track record of success and positive testimonials from parents, JUMP! Swim Schools continues to be a trusted destination for families seeking high-quality swimming lessons in a welcoming and supportive setting.