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3 Highlands Rd, Thomastown 3074, VIC
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Juca Cotz is a pioneering business in the baby industry, offering an electronically adjustable cot designed to reduce lower back strain for parents when lifting their babies. The concept of the Juca cot originated from an Australian mum’s personal experience with her children, leading to the development of a unique cot lift system that promotes ergonomic and safe baby care practices. With a focus on preventing lower back injuries caused by lifting babies from cots, Juca Cotz provides a practical solution for parents, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities.

Founded by Catherine McGrath, Juca Cotz has a strong commitment to innovation and user-centric design. The business collaborates with physiotherapists and engineers to create a cot that addresses the specific needs of parents, especially in terms of back health and ergonomics. By offering a cot with three defined mattress levels controlled by a remote, Juca Cotz aims to revolutionize the baby industry and set a new standard for safety and comfort in childcare products.

With a full patent protecting its intellectual property, Juca Cotz ensures the uniqueness and quality of its electronically adjustable cot. By prioritizing the well-being of both babies and caregivers, Juca Cotz emphasizes the importance of proactive solutions in childcare. Through continuous innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction, Juca Cotz remains at the forefront of providing practical and effective products for modern parenting needs.