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89 High Street, Kew, Victoria 3101, Australia
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Josie Wolfram – Child, Adolescent & Adult Counsellor is a specialized behaviour support practitioner with a wealth of experience in working with individuals across different age groups. Josie’s background includes training at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, where she honed her skills in managing complex mental health issues. With a focus on trauma, complex trauma, and PTSD, Josie adopts a trauma-informed approach to therapy, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for her clients to heal and overcome obstacles in their lives.

With a diverse range of qualifications, including a Bachelor of Counselling and certifications in areas such as criminology, youth mental health, and therapeutic child play, Josie offers evidence-based approaches to address mental disturbances effectively. Her collaborative and person-centered approach ensures that individuals, families, and carers receive the best possible support tailored to their unique needs. Whether it’s working with Child Protection, Forensicare, or disability support providers, Josie’s commitment to empowering her clients towards positive life changes shines through in her practice.

Having over 10 years of business management experience in legal and community service industries, Josie Wolfram brings a wealth of expertise to her counselling practice. Fully registered with P.A.C.F.A and with a background in school counselling, Josie’s dedication to helping individuals navigate through life’s challenges is evident in her holistic and client-centered approach. If you are seeking a skilled and compassionate therapist to guide you towards healing and personal growth, Josie Wolfram – Child, Adolescent & Adult Counsellor is the ideal choice.