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149 New Town Road, New Town, Tasmania 7008, Australia
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Swim Central New Town offers a comprehensive aquatic experience, boasting a 13m Lap Pool and a 6m Toddlers Pool, both maintained at optimal temperatures for comfort. In addition to the pools, the facility features a Dry Hydro Massage bed, a relaxing Spa, and a welcoming Cafe serving a variety of hot food, drinks, and snacks. The family-friendly environment is enhanced with comfortable couches, creating a space where visitors can unwind and enjoy quality time together.

With a focus on engaging, amusing, and challenging children during swimming lessons, Swim Central New Town prioritizes creating a positive and interactive learning environment. The business philosophy emphasizes the importance of early exposure to swimming for babies, highlighting the significant benefits it offers for their development. The team at Swim Central is dedicated to ensuring that each visitor, regardless of age or skill level, has a fulfilling and enjoyable experience at the facility.

Located at 149 New Town Road, identifiable by the iconic Laughing Dolphin landmark, Swim Central New Town invites individuals and families to immerse themselves in a range of aquatic activities and amenities. Whether seeking intensive programs, regular swimming lessons, or simply a relaxing day by the pool, Swim Central caters to diverse preferences and needs, promising a memorable and rewarding visit for all patrons.