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221 Wonga Road, Warranwood 3134, VIC
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Joanna Strybosch Baby Osteopath & Lactation Consultant is a leading provider of advanced paediatric osteopathy and lactation consulting services in Melbourne. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Joanna Strybosch is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate support for mothers and their babies. Specializing in helping mums and babies thrive, Joanna combines her expertise in osteopathy, lactation consulting, and Rhythmic Movement Training to offer a holistic approach to maternal-infant health care.

Joanna’s passion for supporting mothers in their early parenting journey is evident in her commitment to helping them achieve their breastfeeding goals, foster secure attachment with their babies, and prioritize their mental health. Her services include addressing feeding difficulties, traumatic birth recovery, torticollis, plagiocephaly, and other related issues. By optimizing latch, improving sucking skills, and releasing connective tissue tensions, Joanna ensures comprehensive care for both mothers and babies.

With a strong focus on ongoing professional development, Joanna Strybosch is recognized as an Advanced Paediatric Osteopath by Osteopathy Australia. She has shared her expertise as a speaker at various conferences and is actively involved in professional organizations such as LCANZ. Joanna’s dedication to her work is complemented by her personal life, as she is a loving wife and mother of three teenagers. Located at The Melbourne Therapy Centre, Joanna Strybosch Baby Osteopath & Lactation Consultant is a trusted partner for families seeking expert care and support.