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180-182 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla, New South Wales 2505, Australia
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Illawarra Birth Classes, founded by experienced birth doulas Alyssa and Amelia, is dedicated to cherishing parents and the birth process while providing comprehensive education, support, and empowerment. Tailored specifically for Illawarra families, their in-depth classes cover the physical aspects of labor and equip both parents and support persons with essential skills to navigate the birth experience. Unlike generic birth classes, Illawarra Birth Classes offers a personalized approach, sharing insights on local hospitals and common scenarios to ensure families are well-prepared for any situation.

With a focus on modern, unbiased education, Illawarra Birth Classes has successfully educated hundreds of expectant parents since 2018. The classes go beyond traditional hospital offerings, providing a wide range of comfort skills and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their birth preferences. Partners are also actively involved, learning how to provide physical and emotional support during labor and gaining insights into common birth scenarios at local hospitals. By acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land, the business demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and respect for the community.

Driven by a passion for helping families approach pregnancy and birth positively, Illawarra Birth Classes aims to create a relaxed and informative learning environment. While one of the founders has relocated, the business continues to uphold its philosophy of promoting transformative and empowering birth experiences. By offering spam-free updates and emphasizing a personalized, non-prescriptive approach to birth education, Illawarra Birth Classes stands out as a valuable resource for expectant parents seeking comprehensive and supportive antenatal classes in the Illawarra region.