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111 Medina Avenue, Medina, Western Australia 6167, Australia
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iBox Perth, led by WBC World Champion Stevan Gago, is a premier boxing gym offering skill-building classes with a unique twist. Our friendly trainers create an enjoyable atmosphere where individuals of all skill levels can master boxing techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, iBox provides a dynamic and engaging workout experience, allowing you to unleash your inner champion in a supportive and motivating environment.

Elevate your fitness journey with iBox’s tailored guidance and expertise. Our certified personal trainers, under the leadership of WBC world champion Stevan Gago, are dedicated to sculpting programs that align with your fitness goals. Experience motivating sessions designed to make every step towards your fitness aspirations effective and enjoyable. Unleash your full potential with iBox Personal Training, where personalized attention and a supportive atmosphere ensure your success.

At iBox Perth, champions are built through specialized programs that optimize power, agility, and endurance. Our expert trainers, with real ring experience, craft intense and focused workouts to enhance your boxing technique, stamina, and strategy. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete aiming for peak performance or simply looking to enhance your fitness level, iBox Strength and Conditioning empowers individuals to achieve their goals in a motivating environment where dreams become reality. Join us today and unlock your true strength!