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11 Screen Street, Frankston 3199, VIC
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Holistic Lactation Consulting, based in Frankston, Victoria, is a nurturing haven for mothers and babies embarking on their breastfeeding journey. Led by Jessica Kahan, a seasoned midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, the business offers personalized care and sleep support to families in need. With over a decade of experience, Jessica’s holistic approach focuses on empowering parents to become experts in their own baby’s care, emphasizing gentle methods and attachment parenting.

Specializing in supporting mothers through pregnancy and postpartum, Holistic Lactation Consulting goes beyond traditional lactation services. Jessica’s qualifications as a Neurodevelopmental Care Practitioner enable her to guide families in improving infant sleep while fostering crucial neurodevelopmental milestones. By educating parents on breastfeeding mechanics, infant sleep patterns, and responsive parenting techniques, Jessica aims to create a fulfilling lifestyle for the whole family, free from cry-it-out methods or delayed responses to infant needs.

With a commitment to evidence-based practices and unwavering support, Holistic Lactation Consulting caters to mothers seeking feeding assistance and sleep solutions. Servicing not only Frankston but also the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside suburbs, Jessica’s compassionate approach and expertise provide a safe space for mothers to address breastfeeding challenges, infant sleep issues, and other parenting concerns. By offering a range of solutions, including stocking trusted brands like Spectra Breast Pumps and Qiara Probiotics, Jessica ensures that families receive comprehensive support for a smooth breastfeeding and parenting journey.