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Epping, Victoria 3076, Australia
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Hire for Baby & Restraint Fitter Epping, under the ownership of Ibrahim Cekic, offers a convenient mobile service that caters to families in need of baby equipment solutions. Whether it’s car seats, prams, cots, or porta cots, the business ensures that families have access to a wide range of products for short-term hire. Specializing in installing multiple car seats in vehicles, the service extends to consultations and delivery/pickup in select areas, providing a hassle-free experience for customers.

Established as Hire for Babe in NSW in 1988 and later franchised in 1992, Hire for Baby has grown into a prominent national network with over 75 franchises. As Australia’s largest baby equipment hire organization and one of the leading restraint fitting networks, the company focuses on customer needs and corporate relationships. With a commitment to prompt, caring customer service and providing safe, clean equipment, Hire for Baby aims to offer a valuable service at competitive prices while prioritizing equipment and car safety standards.

With a philosophy centered on saving customers money, time, and storage space, Hire for Baby emphasizes the importance of accessing quality baby equipment in a cost-effective manner. The business prides itself on professional customer service and experienced staff, ensuring that families receive the best products and support. By offering a stress-free solution for holiday rentals and catering to the evolving needs of growing babies, Hire for Baby remains dedicated to providing a reliable and convenient service for families across Australia.