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2 Fleet St, New Lambton 2305, NSW
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GymbaROO Newcastle offers specialized classes for babies and children, focusing on developing essential skills for optimal growth and learning potential. With classes starting from birth up to 5 years old, children benefit from activities that enhance strength, coordination, balance, and cognitive abilities. The center, located at the New Lambton Scout Hall, is led by owner and teacher Ana, who is passionate about child development and creates a positive and energetic learning environment. Assistant Amanda ensures a clean and safe space for children to explore and learn.

As part of the GymbaROO franchise operating for over 35 years, the center follows a research-based program designed to unlock each child’s potential during their formative years. The classes are tailored to different age groups, promoting physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development through engaging activities and play. GymbaROO stands out as a neuro-developmental program that emphasizes milestone progression and early movement experiences crucial for healthy neurological development.

GymbaROO’s philosophy is rooted in the latest neuroscientific research, highlighting the importance of early childhood experiences in shaping a child’s future learning abilities and overall well-being. By empowering parents with knowledge about neuro-development and providing fun, educational activities for children, GymbaROO aims to support each child’s journey towards academic success, confidence, and social maturity. With a proven track record of positive outcomes, GymbaROO is dedicated to making a lasting impact on children’s lives, one developmental milestone at a time.