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1st Doncaster East Scout Hall, Doncaster East' 3109, VIC
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GymbaROO Doncaster, located at the 1st Doncaster East Scout Hall, has been a trusted provider of neuro-developmental programs for babies and children in Australia for over 35 years. Their research-based programs are designed to unlock each child’s potential during their most formative years, preparing them for a lifetime of learning. GymbaROO stands out as the only parent-child program specializing in neuro-developmental, fun learning environments for babies to school-aged children, emphasizing the importance of milestone progression and early movement experiences in development.

At GymbaROO Doncaster, families can join a community of like-minded parents and children to experience socialization, learning, and movement opportunities through a range of age-specific classes. From non-crawling infants to school readiness programs, each class is tailored to promote physical, social, emotional, communication, and cognitive skills at every stage of development. Parents actively engage with their children in a variety of activities, including singing, hand plays, exercise, music, and games, all aimed at fostering healthy neurological development and building essential brain pathways.

GymbaROO’s commitment to empowering parents with the latest developmental knowledge sets them apart, ensuring that families understand the importance of early childhood development and how to support their children’s learning potential. Through fun and engaging classes led by qualified teachers, parents receive valuable insights into their child’s development and are equipped with take-home resources to continue promoting neurological excellence at home. With a proven track record of success stories and testimonials from parents, GymbaROO Doncaster continues to make a positive impact on children’s academic, social, and physical development, setting them up for a bright and successful future.